COMPADRE 3.2.0 is here!

by Rob Salguero-Gomez on Aug 9, 2015

Dear COMPADRE and COMADRE users, After several months, and following some important decisions made at the second annual COMPADRE/COMADRE core committee meeting (Denmark, March 2015), we are happy to announce the launching of the second open-access version of COMPADRE: COMPADRE 3.2.0 (why the number versioning? See here). This version contains more studies, more plant matrix population models, and new variables (e.g. "MatrixFec" in our user's guide), as well as corrected typos. The previous version (3.0.0) will soon be archived in our GitHub repository for user access and replicability. [edit: this has now happened!] To download the data, please go to our repository, and click on "Data". We must note that the download of the data will provide you with the user's guide to the 3.0.0 version (not the 3.1.0 - for that please click here). The Rdata object also seems to have lost its ".Rdata" extension. To open it in R, please change "COMPADRE_8_9_2015_version_3.1.0" to "COMPADRE_8_9_2015_version_3.1.0.RData". We will fix this in the coming days. Two other important announcements: (i) we are working on an updated version of the website. This will get rid of the need for users to register before accessing the data, and (ii) the upcoming release of the COMADRE Animal Matrix Database, scheduled for October 5th this year. Have fun with those 6242 plant population matrix models! Rob Salguero-Gómez and COMPADRE Core Committee

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